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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Malaysian Yee Mee Noodles Soup

I would like to dedicate this dish to my Indonesian helper who went over to Malaysia to work in Restaurants. She has learnt this dish there and shared it with me. She commented that this dish is one of the popular dishes there.


For Soup Base
- Soya Bean
- Dried Ikan Bilis
- Garlic (Peel the skin, leave it whole)
- White pepper (whole)
- turnip
- big onion
- wong bok (few pieces)

For Noodles
- dried yee mee
- fish cake
- fish balls
- Chye Sim
- Pork (slices, marinate with light soya sauce and white pepper)
- egg

1) On the wok/frying pan, with very low fire, fry the soya bean, dried ikan bilis, garlic, white pepper first without oil. Fry for about 25 mins, when the ikan bilis seems to become lighter.

2) After that, transfer them into a stock bag. Add a big onion, few pieces of wong bok, some turnip into the bag as well.


3) Put about 2 litres of water in the pot and boil it. Place the soup bag into it. Boil till the flavour all comes out.


* This soup base can be used for wanton noodles, mee or bee hoon soup as well.

4) When you want to serve the yee mee, you place the noodles into the soup to cook it, add chye sim, sliced fish cake, fish ball and sliced pork too. Take note of the various timings to cook them so as not to overcook the meat or veggies.

5) Crack the egg into the serving bowl. Place the noodles and ingredients on top of the egg. Make sure the soup is boiling hot then you finally transfer into the bowl so that the egg can be cooked. Alternatively, you can cook the egg in the pot of soup first if you like.

6) Finally, garnish with spring onions, Chinese celery and white pepper.


A very sweet and tasty noodles soup for the whole family, including the children!

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