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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Egg Omelette with Bean Sprouts and prawns

If you like egg omelette and bean sprouts as much as I do, then how about adding them both? So if you are eating alone or just in a company of two, this dish with rice is enough to fill you up!

-Bean Sprouts
-Eggs (beaten)
-Spring Onions
-Fish Sauce
-Soya sauce (optional)
-cooking wine(optional)
-white pepper

1) Heat oil in the frying pan. Then throw in the onions. Fry till translucent
2) Throw in the bean sprouts and toss it. Add a few splashes of fish sauce and cooking wine
3) Then lastly throw in the prawns and toss a few times before switching off the fire. Cook the prawns such that it just turned cook. Watch it and not make it overcook.
4) Pour all the ingredients into a bowl of the beaten eggs and stir them, mixing it well. Add 1tsp of soya sauce if you like. But you can skip this since fish sauce has its own saltiness already. You can also add white pepper too. So mix everything up.
5) Put in the spring onions into it

6) Finally pour this mixture into a heated up frying pan with oil to cook the egg

7) Turn both ways to fry it till nicely coloured


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