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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kway Chap 棵汁 / Braised pork innards stew

Always loved this dish as its like a one pot meal that can go with rice or noodles. Very versatile. Leftovers are also good as you can reuse the gravy.

As I was shopping in Giant hypermart, I came across this premix. So I got it. Yes, it is the cheat method which I seldom use but once in a while, I get lazy and decide on trying it out. Don't worry if you are living abroad and do not have the premix as you can substitute it with 5 spice powder, star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom and sugar. (If you want some heat, you can add black peppercorns)

Basically for this dish, you simply add whatever you like to eat. For me, I love the pork belly, egg, firm beancurd ('dou gan' 豆干), fried beancurd skin ('dao pok' 炸豆腐皮/豆仆) and my supermarket nearest my place happen to have pig intestines. So I bought that as well.

- 5 TBs dark soya sauce
- 10 garlic cloves (with skin attached)
- pork belly
- eggs
- firm beancurd ('dou gan' 豆干)
- fried beancurd skin ('dao pok' 炸豆腐皮/豆仆)
- pig intestines
- Chinese celery (for garnish)

* To wash the pig intestines, I first wash it in rinsing water till most of the murkiness is gone. Then I wash it with white vinegar to remove any smell. Soak it for a while before washing it off and then pouring boiling water over it. You can also choose to pan fry your intestines after that too before throwing in together with the rest of the meat.

1) Add the sachet of the premix, garlic and dark soya sauce into 1.5 L of water and simmer.
2)  Add your meat, beancurd, pig intestines, fried beancurd skin as well as egg (I put the whole egg in together with the shell to cook it. So remember to wash the egg first). Let everything simmer in very low heat. The packet said simmer for 1 hour but I realise the pork isn't as tender as I want it to be. So basically, you simmer until you feel the pork belly is soft. I did it for almost 3 hours before I was satisfied. Mid way while cooking, you can remove the egg, remove the shell and put the egg back into the pot so that the egg will be black in colour when serving. Looks nicer.
3) Cut it all up before serving
4) Garnish with chopped celery

I cooked this for dinner. So ate this with rice.

There was a lot of gravy left and a little pork and beancurd. So I decided to put all in the fridge and the next morning, I actually boiled noodles, threw some chicken wings in the leftovers last night together with the gravy and served this for breakfast to my family. They all loved it!

So don't worry if you have leftovers. This make a great dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner!



  1. Haha, I was just thinking about kway chap the other day - but darn, have to go look for those spices you were talking about... need a trip to Chinatown for those intestines!

  2. I guess you can always do away with the intestines..but then again, what's kway chap without the intestines? hee. Have fun!!