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Monday, December 2, 2013

Pan Fried Black Pomfret with fried garlic

I have always loved eating fish but seriously, I always end up clueless as to how I should cook my fish as I love variety and I don't wish to always stick to the same old kind of steaming fish with tomatoes, ginger and salted vegetable.

So decided to buy black pomfret fish so that I can fry it as I love my fish crispy! (once in a while I fry
 as cleaning up the oil after cooking this isn't exactly very pleasant)

- garlic (minced)
- shallots (diced finely)
- ginger sliced
- black pomfret
- spring onions/ corianger as garnish
- black sauce
- salt

1) Marinate the fish with salt
2) Heat the oil in frying pan
3) Put in the minced garlic and fry in low heat. Stirring all the time until crispy and golden. Set aside. Make sure it doesn't turn black if not it will be bitter!

4) Use the oil to cook the fish. Remember to remove all bits and residue of the garlic if not it will get burnt will cooking the fish. Top up more oil if needed...just make sure its enough oil to cook one side of the fish
5) Pat dry the fish before adding it into the heated pan. Fry in medium heat. Make sure the side is golden brown before turning over.
6) Once turn over, I add the shallots and ginger together at the side to cook it up

7) Finally, remove the fish onto a plate, drizzle with black sauce on it and top it up with the fried ginger slices and shallots as well as the fried crispy garlic. Then garnish with either spring onions or coriander.

Great dish with rice as the garlic and shallots as well as black sauce is alone to go with the rice, in my opinion.


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