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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chinese Fried Rice

My helper used to cook a delicious and tasty plate of fried rice, with the 'wok hei' smell. There are a few 'secrets' to cooking the perfect fried rice and here's where I would share with all you as I learnt from my Indonesian helper.

  1. Your rice needs to be cold. So you either used leftover rice in the fridge which was inside overnight or if you don't have leftover rice, you cook that very morning and put it in the fridge for dinner or put it in the freezer for lunch (for quick cooling). This is to let the rice grains firm up, making it easier to separate while cooking and not end up mushy
  2. Your wok has to be very hot and smoky. So turn up the fire to maximum!
  3. Don't overdo your saucy seasoning. This is to prevent your rice from becoming mushy.

Here's my simple recipe which I basically used the leftover ingredients from my sushi lunch.

- sausages
- crab roll
- egg
- oyster sauce
- soya sauce
- garlic (minced)
- spring onions and shallots (optional)

1) Put your biggest wok on top of the stove using your biggest fire

2) Wait for the wok to be smoky before putting in the oil and garlic, shallots.

3) Keep stirring so that the garlic does not turn black.

4) Throw in the chopped up ingredients. Keep tossing.

5) Then put in the cold rice. Season with a little of  light soya sauce and oyster sauce.

6) Break up the rice and make sure its all separate while tossing

7) Lastly, throw in the spring onions and toss a little bit before turning off the fire. Taste it before you off the fire to see if it suits your taste. I also like adding white pepper to my fried rice for extra flavour and kick.


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