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Friday, August 16, 2013

Egg Noodles with Chicken Miso Soup

I discovered this simple, delicious dish when eating in church as the food ministry workers prepared food for those who serves in church every Sunday. When I ate this, I knew that I had to re-create it again because it was so good!

So I tried it twice so far at home and the whole family loves eating it, including the children!

- Chicken Bones for soup (or just use prepacked Chicken Stock)
- 1 carrot (sliced/diced)
- 1 onion (optional)
- 1/2 cabbage (optional)
- egg noodles (bought this from Giant Hypermart in Tampines. Its so good and cheap-highly recommended by the church worker who cooked this dish! I had to ask him about the noodles as I haven't seen such thin and flat noodles before-scroll down for the finished version of the thin noodles)

- about 1 Tb of miso paste 

- tofu
- golden needle (enoki) mushrooms 
- cabbage
- chicken breasts or thighs
- spring onions for garnish

Basically, you just choose whatever you like to eat in your soup noodles. But I added all these because that's what I ate in church the first time I tried this dish. After that, you can start tweaking to your own liking. The important thing is the soup stock which is just chicken soup (I prefer to use chicken bones) and miso paste.

The bean flavour from the miso paste simply brings out the sweetness and taste of the soup. Love it!

1) Cook chicken bones and carrots in a pot of water over stove to make the chicken stock. Onions and cabbage are optional ingredients just to make the soup sweeter. 
2) Add the chicken meat and the rest of the ingredients in the pot to boil and bring out the flavour
3) Add the miso paste to taste
4) Once you are satisfied with the taste, you can switch off the fire
5) Cook the noodles separately in another pot with boiling water and set aside in serving bowls. You can also throw the noodles in the soup together to cook but I prefer not to do that as it may overcook the noodles.
6) Finally, garnish with spring onions (optional)
7) I also love to eat this with a touch of soya sauce with chilli padi for spice.

My suggestion is to keep this dish as clean and simple as you can get. So don't overdo it with the ingredients as you really don't have to add much for this dish to taste good. Miso paste works wonder just by itself! The first time I made it, I overdone it with the ingredients.

This dish was taken the first time I ate it in church (using the recommended egg noodles in picture above):

This was the picture of my first attempt in cooking the dish (I did not use the egg noodles recommended. Mine was a fatter version of the noodles which I didn't enjoy as much as the thinnest of the noodles made the dish light and more palatable. So get the right noodles if you can! The thick noodles just makes the dish clumsy and more filling)
It's really a simple meal for a nice weekend lunch for the family or especially on a cold, rainy day! It really warms the heart and soul eating this egg noodles with chicken soup!

Hope you will enjoy eating this as much as my family did!

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