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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ayam Penyet

Ayam Penyet also known as 'smashed fried chicken' is an Indonesian dish consisting of fried chicken, rice, cucumbers, fried tofu, sambal chilli and tempeh. However, for the following recipe, I did not add tempeh as I couldnt find it down at my supermarket at the point I wanted to cook this dish. Its optional as some do not like eating tempeh, which is actually made from soybeans, through a controlled fermentation process. Anyway, cook it the same way as the fried tofu if you want to eat that!

Marinate for the chicken legs/tofu/tempeh (serves 4):
coriander seed
salt (2 tsp)
white pepper seed (1 tsp)
tumeric ginger

Look at picture for the quantity

For the above ingredients, you blend it together with a little of water. 

After blending, use half of it for marinating the chicken, some for marinating the tofu and tempeh and the rest for boiling the chicken. So please remember to set aside.

Marinate the chicken legs for as long as you can. Preferably overnight but if you don't have time, then at least 2-3 hours.

Next, put the following ingredients into a pot to simmer together with your chicken legs,

blue ginger (galangal)
kaffir lime leaves
lemon grass
the marinade paste made earlier
about 100ml of water

Put all in the pot and top it off with the chicken legs prepared earlier. Cover the pot and let it simmer, low fire till the water has almost dried up or when you feel your chicken is almost cooked.

After boiling, please keep the remaining water left from the boiling and mix it with tapioca flour to make the crispy bits on top of your chicken. Just pour with your ladle onto a frying pan like a pancake and fry it till golden brown, then mash it to create the crispy bits.

Next, is the recipe for making the chilli.

Chilli- fresh chilli and chilli padi
Shallots (whole)
Garlics (whole)
tomatoes (1/2)
Belachan (2 tsp)

Fry the above ingredients in oil

Fry till its fragrant before you blend everything. The quantity to how much you put is roughly in the picture. The rest is up to your preference. 

Then finally, you can deep fry your chicken, marinated tofu (tou kan) and tempeh till golden brown

To serve your chicken after frying, you will need to stretch and pull open the joints of the chicken and use the back of your chopper to beat the chicken and flatten it.

Then you add the crispy bits on top of the chicken. The rice is just normal white rice.


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  1. This looks fab Dawn! Amazing that you are making all of this from scratch especially since you can get ayam penyet over there in SG - different situation for me though, and very tempted to give this a try!