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Monday, August 19, 2013

Basic Pizza Dough Recipe

I have had numerous pizza dough recipes in my file and after reading so many of them and being so confused as to which one I should follow, I decided to take a bit of everything and construct my own which eventually tasted really good and crispy! *Phew

The following recipe will be to make 2 medium size pizzas- enough for a family of 4 adults

- 3 cups of bread flour
- 1 cup of warm water
- 2 tsp of dried yeast
- 2 tsp of salt
- 3 tsp of olive oil
- dried oregano (optional)

1) Place flour, yeast and salt in bowl and mix
2) Gradually add warm water and olive oil. Knead by hand for about 10 mins until the dough is smooth. Great activity for the children to help out and have some fun in the kitchen.

3) Place dough in lightly oiled bowl, cover with cling wrap or kitchen towel. Set in warm place. I placed mine in the oven. Let it rest for 1 hour.

4) After an hour, I sprinkled some plain flour on the working surface to knead the dough. Do it gently and divide them into 2 to get 2 medium pizzas.

That's it! Not difficult at all!

What I love about pizza making is that it is fun especially when dressing up your pizza to whatever ingredients you like. This is what I had.. white button mushrooms, ham, mussels, green bell peppers, onions, prawns, squid, garlic and tomato paste

For my son, he added tomato paste, garlic herb butter mushrooms, ham and cheese. This was his pizza!

My daughter simply preferred only tomato paste, ham and cheese...and cheese and more cheese!

The pizza came out to be crispy which was very enjoyable with the melted cheese!

As for the adult's pizza, I made one 2-way pizza which was garlic herbed butter mushrooms with raw garlic and lots of cheese on one side and the other side, I added tomato paste, onions, green bell peppers, ham first into the oven for a while. Then at a later part, I cracked in the egg and spread the cheese over. I was afraid to overcook the egg that's why. I always enjoy ham and egg pizza as its very refreshing and light. Would recommend you making that for breakfast!

The other pizza, I made seafood marinara which was basically, tomato paste, with mussels, squid, prawns, onions, raw chopped garlic and sprinkled dried oregano over it.

This turned out very tasty and expensive-looking as I love seafood especially when the mussels and prawns is presented as a whole and not all chopped up. Thee only criticism about this dish is that the pizza was a bit soggy due to the moisture from the seafood. So I would have left it longer in the oven to dry out a little bit more before serving

Overall, the pizzas turned out better than I expected. I would definitely not order pizza delivery ever, since this taste so much better and it's also cheaper! I would also think of doing this for a party! But remember to cook this and serve it when its straight from the oven- hot and crispy with the melted cheese!

I also grilled chicken wings for dinner. So, you can imagine how full we were after dinner!

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