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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fried Prawn Begedil (Potato Patties)

This is a party hit when I invited my friends over to my place last week for lunch. Most stalls would cook begedil with beef but the prawn ones which my helper makes is so good that you would not want to eat the beef ones anymore.

- potato
- vegetable oil for deep frying
- garlic powder
- flat leaf parsley (chopped finely)
- fried shallots (crushed finely)
- salt
- white pepper
- prawns (diced finely)
- egg yolk only

1) Peel the potatoes and sliced them up to deep fry them till cook first
2) Mashed the potatoes very finely until soft thoroughly
3) Add the chopped flat leaf parsley, crushed fried shallots, garlic powder, salt and pepper, prawns in to the mashed potatoes
parsley and fried shallots in

The amount of garlic powder to add

Prawns added in
4) Mix well and finally, form them into balls and you can refrigerate it to store till you want to fry it. If not, just straight away rolls into balls and flatten them out with your palm to make a small patty.

5) Deep into egg yolk before deep frying them.

Fry till the colour is right!

Enjoy this wonderful snack!

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